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Welcome to The Tavern this is The Journey of a Rogue on his quest for Perfection.

Making a Better Life

Articles & videos from the Rogue on his journey to being the man he should have been, in the hopes that younger men won't make the same mistakes.

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Chamomile Flowers

Growing Chamomile

Chamomile is a great plant to grow in the garden or in containers. It is easy to care for, drought tolerant, and has a lovely scent and flavor. The flowers and leaves can be used to make teas and other herbal preparations. It is also a beautiful addition to any garden and can attract beneficial insects. Growing chamomile is a rewarding experience that can bring joy to any gardener.

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Rogues' Korean Beef Bowl

This is a quick and easy Korean beef Bowl that is tasty and healthy. Best served over The Rogues Rosemary-Coconut Milk Rice. Rogues' Korean Beef …

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Rogues' Rosemary Coconut Milk Rice

Why have just boring old plain Rice.

There are great variations on this recipe to make Turmeric rice or Thyme rice or combine for even better flavors.

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Chicken & Rice Dinner

Looking to make a quick easy meal for your family. This Chicken & Rice dinner is an easy fix and is a hit with Teen-age boys who are bottomless pits.

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Big Brothers New Monitor is the AI

No AI is not going to eat you but it will make it easier for big brother to monitor everything you do and say. Now this only applies to when your use the grid, unfortantly it has to be sued. So the idea is to use it as liitle as you can and when you do leave a confusing trail. . .. Although it will be a rough one its not all doom and gloom we have great tips on prepping Soooo ………. I suggest that you….. Come on in out of the dark, settle down by the fire, have a drink and fall down some rabbit holes with us.

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Rogues' Health Boost – Detox Mix

This is a healthy addition to your daily routine. The Rogues' Health Boost - Detox Drink mix is an excellent way to add additional nutrients to your daily diet.

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